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Fall 2023 Play

Arthur Miller's The Crucible


  • 7:00pm on Fri, 12/1

  • 7:00pm on Sat, 12/2

  • 2:00pm on Sun, 12/3

  • 7:00pm on Thu, 12/7

  • 7:00pm on Fri, 12/8

  • 2:00pm on Sat, 12/9

  • 7:00pm on Sat, 12/9


The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an exciting drama about the Puritan purge of witchcraft in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts. It is both a gripping historical play and a timely parable of our contemporary society. The story tells how small lies – children’s lies – build and build until the suspicions of a whole town is aroused. Set in a small tight-knit community, personal grievances collide with lust and superstition, fuelling widespread hysteria. Arthur Miller’s timeless parable attacks the evils of mindless persecution and the terrifying power of false accusations.

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